Abstract Submissions

SeaManta - A Floating Reef

Keywords – Aquatecture, Floating Reef, Aquatic Design, Dive Attraction, Hybrid Design Technique

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joerg Baumeister, SeaCities, Cities Research Institute (Griffith University)

Architectural Design Guideline for Sustainable Floating Houses and Floating Settlements in Vietnam

Keywords – Guideline, Floating houses, Floating settlements, Floating villages, Sustainability

Thi Thu Trang Nguyen, MSc

Testing and Floating on New Lakes in a Transforming Region of Opencast Mines

Keywords – Future lakes, Experimental testing field, Rheinisches Revier, Interim usage, Open-cast mining

Benjamin Casper, Zukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier

Pond Urbanism: Floating urban districts on shallow coastal groundwater in artificial ponds

Keywords – Groundwater, Sea level rise, Flood adaptation, Coastal ecosystems, Urban planning

Kristina Hill, PhD, University of California Berkeley
Greg Henderson, AIA, NCARB, Arx Pax Labs, Inc.

Spatial & Amphibious Cities: an imaginary vision linked to the existing world

Keywords – Spatial, Amphibious, Sea, Planning, Idea

Dr. Giovanna Rossato, Floating & Amphibious Urban Architect and Researcher

STREETS THROUGH THE SEA: Public space in and on water

Keywords – Climate Change, Amphibious projects, Floating dwellings, Floating urban public space, Design matrix

Francesca Dal Cin, formaurbis LAB, CIAUD, Lisbon School of Architecture
Fransje Hooimeijer, Associate Professor Environmental Technology and Design (TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department Urbanism)

Expectation of Floating Building in Java Indonesia,
Case Study in Semarang City

Keywords – Floating Building, Expectation, Flooding, Polder Area

Slamet Imam Wahyudi, Professor in Dept. of Civil Eng. (Sultan Agung Islamic University)
Henny Pratiwi Adi, Assc. Professor in Dept. of Civil Eng. (Sultan Agung Islamic University)
Jonathan Lekerkerk, Assc. Professor in Dept. of Water Management (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)
Jorge Jansen, Thesis Student in Dept. of Water Management (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)
Floris C. Boogaard, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Deltares

Navigating the Complexity of Floating Developments

Keywords – Complexity, Governance, Nested, Regulatory framework, Waves

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, Seaphia

Legal framework of floating city development

Keywords – Legal framework, Floating city development, LOSC, National laws, Property law

Fen-Yu Lin, Researcher at Blue21 B.V.
Pernille van der Plank, Assistant professor of Molengraaff Institute for Private Law, Utrecht University School of Law
Otto Spijkers, Professor of International Law at the China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies (CIBOS) of Wuhan University

Legal aspects of creating floating cities

Keywords – Property law, Floating cities, Legal aspects

Dr. P.J. (Pernille) van der Plank, Researcher Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (Utrecht University)

Have You Seen a State that Likes Mobile Structures? Exploring the Boom and Bust of Technically Feasible Floating Settlement Ideas since the 1960s

Keywords – Floating settlements, Failure, Mobility problem, Real property problem, Megastructure problem

Stefan Huebner, National University of Singapore Asia Research Institute

Floating Rice Fields, the quest for solutions to combat drought floods and rising sea levels

Keywords – Rice, Drought, Flood, Salinity, Climate-resilient

Lim Soon Heng, Founder President (Society of FLOATING SOLUTIONS Singapore)

Multiple Use of Space for Island Clean Autonomy

Keywords – Renewable, Multiple-Use, Aquaculture, Energy, Desalination

Zoe Jay Fletcher, AquaBioTech Group
Tamás Bardócz, AquaBioTech Group

Investigation on the application of Floating Treatment Wetland modules in Kerala, India

Keywords – Floating Wetlands, Buoyant base, Rejuvenation, Kerala, India

Nanma Gireesh, Translational-Civil engineer (NestAbide)
Ben K. George, Translational-Electrical engineer (NestAbide)

ECO-Engineering for Climate Change

Keywords – Ecological enhancement, bioprotection, innovation, footprint reduction, concrete

Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, CEO and Chief Scientist ECOncrete Tech Ltd.
Dr. Ido Sella, CTO ECOncrete Tech Ltd.
Jorge Gutiérrez Martínez MSc, Ports & Coastal engineer ECOncrete Tech Ltd.

Sustainable Hybrid Floating Airport in Synergy with Green Offshore Energy

Keywords – Floating Airport, offshore energy, aviation fuels, sustainable aviation, synergy

Pieter Kroon, Delta Floating Airport

Energyhub@Sea – Future generation for offshore wind farms operation and maintenance

Keywords – Energyhub@Sea, offshore wind maintenance platform, energy self-sufficient

Frank Adam, Chair of Wind Energy Technology (University of Rostock)
Peter Dierken, Energy Management & Offshore Wind Division (GICON GmbH)
Moe Moe Aye, Wind Energy Technology (University of Rostock)
Falk Wittmann, Energy Management & Offshore Wind Division (GICON GmbH)
Clemens Schmitt, Energy Management & Offshore Wind Division (GICON GmbH)
Alexandru Cobzaru, ICEPRONAV Engineering SRL

Building Floating Aquaculture Farms with Expanded Polystyrene in Singapore

Design of Havfarm 1

Keywords – Aquaculture, Very-Large-Floating-Structures, steel, fatigue

Emiel Mobron (7Waves)
Torgeir Torgersen (NSK)

Parametric model for generation and analysis of modular, freeform floating island networks, constructed using flexibly formed Buoycrete

Keywords – Parametric modelling, Fabric formwork, Buoycrete, CFD, Floating island

dr.sc. ir. Diederik Veenendaal (Summum Engineering)
Marco Bovio MSc Eng (LeadingEDGE Marine Engineering)
ing. Guido Visch (Boskalis Research and Development)

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