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Assessing the influence of floating constructions on water quality and ecology

Keywords – Water Quality, Ecology, Environmental impacts, Monitoring tools, Aquatic drones

Rui L. P. de Lima, Indymo
Floris C. Boogaard, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Indymo, Deltares

Numerical simulation of the behavior movement
of floating houses and structures

Keywords – Moving ground, Water waves, Numerical simulation, Water attack, Floating houses

Horst Stopp, Brandenburg University of Technology
Peter Strangfeld, Brandenburg University of Technology

Effects of Clearance between Seabed and Bottom of a VLFS on Hydroelastic responses

Keywords – VLFS, Added-mass, Water depth, Clearance

Tomoki Ikoma, Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering, CST (Nihon University)
Shoichiro Furuya, MSc. Student, Dept. of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering,
School of Science and Technology (Nihon University)
Yasuhiro Aida, Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering, CST (Nihon University)
Lei Tan, PD, Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering, CST (Nihon University)

Modular Floating Parking Building Design for Archipelago

Keywords – Floating Architecture, Parking Building, Environmentally Friendly, Modular Design

Changho Moon, Professor at department of Architecture and Building Engineering (Kunsan National University, Korea)

HydroPolis/ A floating Eco-Village attempt for the Gold Coast/Australia

Keywords – Bio-Climatic Architecture, Sustainable Urban Development, Floating Eco-Cities, Floating Architecture, Co-Design Process

Dr. Daniela A. Ottmann, Bond University

Eco-sustainable prefabricated modular floating structures as a touristic solution for protected inland water areas

Keywords – Inland waters, Water tourism, Floating objects, Floating hotel

Svetlana Mojić Džakula, Salt&Water design studio

Mega Floating City “Green Float” ; Concept and Technology innovations

Keywords – Mega floating city, Green Float, Artificial island, Future city, Zero carbon & emission

Masaki Takeuchi, Emerging Frontiers Division, Ocean Programs (SHIMIZU CORPORATION)
Ikuo Yoshida, Emerging Frontiers Division, Ocean Programs (SHIMIZU CORPORATION)

Floatopolis – Global Strategies for Floating Design

Keywords – Architecture, Floating, Amphibious, Global, Design

Rob Newman, Floatopolis
Michael Mitchell, Floatopolis

Developing offshore seafood and renewable energy integrated production systems

Keywords – Offshore systems, Marine renewable energy, Seafood production, Multi-use platforms

Stewart Frusher, Adjunct Professor (University of Tasmania)
Irene Penesis, Interim Research Director (Blue Economy CRC, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania)

a climate adaptation amphibious training lab

Keywords – Amphibious, Carbon-capture technology, Red Hook Brooklyn, Net-positive, Self-sustaining

Gita Nandan, ℅ thread collective
Zehra Kuz, Pratt Institute

Ephemerality as a design element for
the adaptation of coastal cities to sea level changes

Keywords – Ephemeral, Architecture, Floating islands, Adaptation

Despina Linaraki, Cities Research Institute (Griffith University)

Nature-inclusive anchor for multi-use sea farms

Keywords – Anchor, Nature-inclusive, Multi-use sea farms

Ir. Zinzi Reimert, North Sea Farm Foundation

A Study on Stability of Floating Architecture and its Design Methodology

Keywords – Floating house, Sustainable, Natural hazard, Flood house, Climate change

Toshio Nakajima, Waterfront Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Yuka Saito, Building Department, Design Engineering Division (OIL&GAS PROJECT COMPANY, JGC CORPORATION)
Motohiko Umeyama, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Delta type VLFS for open sea

Keywords – VLFS, Hydrodynamics, Structural Design, Wave-Structure Interaction

Roy Gafter, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Technion Israel Institute of Technology)
Nitai Drimer, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Technion Israel Institute of Technology)

Hyper Large Polymeric Floating Structures, to host complete self-sufficient living places

Keywords – VLFS, Floating cities, Polymers, Bamboo, Energy

Paul Gaiser, Founding President (TETHYS TECHNOLOGIES Brazil)

Modular Multi-Purpose Floating Structures for Space Creation

Keywords – Modular floating structure, Connector, Hydrodynamics, Model test, Construction

Jian Dai, Department of Marine Technology (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Øyvind Hellan, SINTEF Ocean AS
Arnstein Watn, SINTEF/NTNU
Kok Keng Ang, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (National University of Science and Technology Singapore)
James Lee, JTC Corporation

Design & Engineering of (infra)structure – Installation, Operation, Monitoring & Maintenance (WP5)

Keywords – HLV, Towage, Offshore installation, Mooring system, Floating installation

Alexander Jordaens, DEME N.V.

Numerical Investigation of Hydroelasticity Effects on Floating Structures

Keywords – Hydroelasticity, Floating Structure, CFD, CSD

Changqing Jiang, University of Duisburg-Essen
Ould el Moctar, University of Duisburg-Essen
Yan Qi, University of Duisburg-Essen

Floating neighborhoods in subsiding areas – is it feasible?

Keywords – Floating development, Soil Subsidence, Spatial planning, Architecture, Business Case Development

Arend van Woerden MSc, Program manager at the Municipality of Woerden and Sweco
Olaf Jansen, General Manager Balance D’eau

Dock79 – North America’s First Sustainable,
Luxury Mixed-Use Floating Village

Keywords – Financial analysis, Real estate development, Risk-reward, Regulatory hurdles

Jared Jablonka, Principal (District Floats LLC)

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