Sustainable Hybrid Floating Airport in Synergy with Green Offshore Energy

Pieter Kroon, Delta Floating Airport

In Holland the cry to move the national airport runways to sea is getting louder. Currently various models are presented, and we advocate a Hybrid Floating Airport/ runways (DFA) in the North Sea. The concept is a hexagram shape like London Heathrow, to be connected to the existing Schiphol infrastructure by multi-tube tunnel. It can be constructed gradually in floating parts like the I-90 highway near Seattle, Wash. USA. A location of approx. 6 nm from shore, between IJmuiden and Rotterdam, is anticipated.

For their Energy Transition Holland is building 14.000 km2 of windfarms, producing green DC and green H2. A partial use of this energy by DFA may produce synthetic kerosene/ KeroGreen for significant reduction of CO2 emissions. Also plans are emerging for electrically powered airplanes as currently tested in the UK. The Hybrid construction can double as an energy power hub towards the Dutch coast. Alternative sustainable fuels and other forms of energy could be tested in these “still waters” on floating constructions e.g. a floating KeroGreen plant, floating solar farms, and maybe even seabased nuclear fusion projects. Possibilities are endless and can be floated in and out. The number of runways necessary can be expended or reduced as required by aviation needs. The concept has a minimal impact on the Northsea environment.

Keywords – Floating Airport, offshore energy, aviation fuels, sustainable aviation, synergy


Pieter worked in plant engineering and was privately active in the 90s for a sandbased airport in the Northsea, in cooperation with local politics. Eventually this reached the PMs office and received Mr. Kok’s appreciation. However Parliament decided to bury the project. In 2018 a new attempt was made, starting again with local politics. A non-profit foundation was erected which works closely with a.o. Blue21, Dutch Waterbuilders.. Together we try to persuade Parliament to initiate a broad feasibility study.

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