Nature-inclusive anchor for multi-use sea farms

Ir. Zinzi Reimert, North Sea Farm Foundation

Considering the challenges the world currently faces on climate and food production, the sector of multi-use sea farms needs to scale up in production locations, technologies, yield and markets. However, this upscaling needs to be done in a sustainable fashion in order to have a healthy future. Both for the sea, nature and the industry. That means we have to define how we can upscale sustainably and develop the needed materials to do so. The anchoring system is an essential part of the multi-use sea farm, thus essential for the future of the industry. Therefore there is a need for developing nature-inclusive anchors for sustainable upscaling of multi-use sea farm industries like seaweed farming and floating solar panels.

In this project a nature friendly eco-anchor will be developed. This will be done in three stages: design phase, building a prototype and finally testing this design in an offshore environment. At the conference the results and conclusions of nature-inclusive anchoring for multi-use sea farms will be shared as well as the insights, learnings and thoughts on future development of these anchor systems and implementation in upscaling of multi-use sea farms.

Keywords – Anchor, Nature-inclusive, Multi-use sea farms


Ir, Zinzi Reimert is the coordinator of an offshore test location of 6 km2, 12km from the coast of The Hague: the North Sea Innovation Lan (NSIL). NSIL is accessible for everybody who wants to pilot new technologies or test blue innovations for upscaling, such as co-use of wind farms. Zinzi has a background in Structural Engineering (MSc) at TU Delft. As part of the Dutch Research Institute of Applied Sciences (TNO) she worked for more than four years as researcher and project, program & team leader on different (product) innovations in both the building and maritime sector.

As coordinator of NSIL at the North Sea Farm she currently has a focus on development of multi-use sea farms, being involved in offshore tests for amongst others seaweed & mussel cultivation, floating solar and artificial reefs. Zinzi is the project leader of the development of nature-inclusive anchoring for multi-use sea farms.

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