Mega Floating City “Green Float” ; Concept and Technology innovations

Masaki Takeuchi, Emerging Frontiers Division, Ocean Programs (SHIMIZU CORPORATION)
Ikuo Yoshida, Emerging Frontiers Division, Ocean Programs (SHIMIZU CORPORATION)

The world is currently facing the sea level rise due to climate change. And there is an urgent need to create a sustainable society. We are facing many sorts of problems of energy, water, food, garbage, air pollution and so on. Fortunately, however, 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with the ocean. The ocean has a tremendous capacity and a big influence on the global environment and the sustainability of human beings. We Shimizu are heading new challenges for the better future utilizing the potential of the ocean.

“Green Float” is a new model for environmental friendly Mega Floating City, under development by Shimizu Corporation, Japan. The Green Float concept embodies two areas of innovation. The one is “Green innovation”: Achieving self-efficient zero carbon and zero emission cities by utilizing the potential of the ocean, and the other is “Float innovation”: Unaffected by sea-level rise and high flexibility for city growth. By integrating “Green Innovation” and “Float Innovation”, a super high value-added Mega Floating city can be realized.

According to the original plan of Green Float, a concrete mega floating structure with a 2,000m diameter and having a1000 m height Mega-Tower is to be constructed on the Equatorial Ocean. But in this paper, in order to perform a basic verification of the technology, several hydraulic model experiments and numerical computations about wind waves and tsunamis were conducted for “Green Float-II” which has about one-tenth scale of the original Green Float and supposed to be on the coastal waters. We got a public third party's certification concerning about “structural safety of floating building”, reflecting the results of experiments and analysis. AIP (Approval in Principle) by ClassNK. After the technology was established, various variations in building applications and building shapes have been used for project realization.

Keywords – Mega floating city, Green Float, Artificial island, Future city, Zero carbon & emission


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