Modular Floating Parking Building Design for Archipelago

Changho Moon, Professor at department of Architecture and Building Engineering (Kunsan National University, Korea)

Owing to the economic development, islands in beautiful archipelago have been connected with main land by bridges and visitors are highly increased for tour and business, especially in holidays. Parking shortage for the visitors has been raised as first priority. Actually the problem had been predicted from the beginning stage of bridge construction project. Securement of enough parking lot on the island is nearly impossible because available area is fundamentally scarce. Sometimes residents and officials tried to find the proper area to reclaim for parking lot, but usually failed because of environmental preservation issues.

Therefore, floating parking facility on calm water near neighborhood can be a solution for most archipelagos without environmental destruction. Of course, the floating parking building can have more functions of community facilities if necessary. In this conference, various types and forms of floating parking building where applicable to different situations of the islands are to be suggested and discussed.

Keywords – Floating Architecture, Parking Building, Environmentally Friendly, Modular Design


Changho Moon, born in 1955, is a professor at the department of architecture and building engineering, Kunsan National University, Korea and also he was a principal investigator of Floating Architecture Research Group, funded by the ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, Korean Government. Research period is about 5 years from December 2010. As a result of the research project, he wrote a book “Floating Architecture as a New Building Paradigm” in 2015.
He has consulted private/public sector on some floating building projects for local waterside developments, and continued to research floating structures with industries, taught floating architectures such as public floating information center, floating parking building for islands, floating guest house as term projects in the University.

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