Business Forum I

Design of Havfarm 1

Keywords – Aquaculture, Very-Large-Floating-Structures, steel, fatigue

Emiel Mobron (7Waves)
Torgeir Torgersen (NSK)

Parametric model for generation and analysis of modular, freeform floating island networks, constructed using flexibly formed Buoycrete

Keywords – parametric modelling, fabric formwork, Buoycrete, CFD, floating island ir. Diederik Veenendaal (Summum Engineering)
Marco Bovio MSc Eng (LeadingEDGE Marine Engineering)
ing. Guido Visch (Boskalis Research and Development)

Parametric Study for Comfort considerations of near shore Floating Platforms Under Various Station-Keeping Conditions

Keywords – Floating Platforms, Station-Keeping, Parametric Study, Human Comfort, Near Shore.

Anis Hussain, Keppel Marine & Deepwater Technology (KMDTech)
Aziz Merchant, Keppel Marine & Deepwater Technology (KMDTech)
Pasumarthy Murthy, Keppel Marine & Deepwater Technology (KMDTech)
Wang Wenping, Keppel Marine & Deepwater Technology (KMDTech)

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