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Space@Sea Business case evaluation

Martijn Breuls

The business case of the Space@Sea project describes the vision of Space@Sea in a theoretical framework and capture the reasoning for initiating this innovative project. The analysis evaluates the strategic benefits of Space@Sea for the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. In which it presents a comparison of the Space@Sea multi-use offshore platforms with existing standard/alternative solutions, for 4 industries/business cases:

Energhub@Sea (1)

First business case evaluates a base for implementing and maintaining offshore renewable energy farms: quay areas, storage areas, fabrication, and assembly spaces

Living@Sea (2)

This living space business case assesses floating islands that are intended for human habitation (living, working, recreation)

Farming@Sea (3)

The aquaculture business case assesses the combination of industries such as fish and seaweed farming as an important provider of food and energy sources for the future

Transport & Logistics@Sea (4)

This final business case evaluates the offshore regular port services and integrating the offshore platform in the transport chain operating and coordinating seagoing and inland navigating vessels for container traffic.

The combined Business Case for Space@Sea is constructed based on these four business cases and a pre-determined island configuration. For both locations, a cost/benefit analysis is performed to comparable industry standard/alternative scenarios. Combining these 4 industries will identify the benefits of Space@Sea as a combination and show the most attractive solution to viable/promising business model in the future.

KEYWORDS: living at sea, transport & logistics, energyhub, farming, business case

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