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GICON® is an incorporated group of independent engineering and consulting companies, founded in 1994. GICON®’s headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany. Office locations throughout Germany provide services close to our German clients. Beyond Germany, GICON® is also engaged internationally and has offices in various European and Asian locations as well as in the Americas.  

Services provided by the GICON® group include consulting & engineering, research and development and plant construction. Consulting & engineering is provided in the areas of business system planning, environmental / permit applications, energy technology, soil and water management, and information technology for a variety of industrial sectors. 

In cooperation with many national and international research institutes, comprehensive research services are provided to ensure the necessary innovation for GICON®, as well as for our clients, and to be involved in setting state-of-the–art technology standards. The spectrum extends up to our own technology developments. 


ICE is Europe’s largest independent ship designer, with a 55-year record of serving customers world-wide in the defence, commercial marine, and offshore energy industries. With most of its 300 employees located in Romania, the Group also has subsidiaries in Croatia, Norway, Cyprus, UK, and the Netherlands. 

ICE delivers first-of-class multi-discipline design services ranging from conceptual studies and Class drawings to detail design (including 3-D modelling) and production information. ICE’s experience includes passenger vessels, navy and coast guard ships, chemical tankers, drill ships, FSO/FPSOs and a range of other vessels.


We also have available proprietary designs that can be adapted to clients’ requirements.   

At “Paving the Waves”, ICE will show its involvement in the European funded Space@Sea project and its experience with jack-up wind turbine installation vessels, gas carriers, and other commercial and naval ships. ICE will also demonstrate its innovative buoyancy-based DeltaLifter for decommissioning of offshore jackets and installation of offshore wind turbines.  


Resilient Rotterdam is a programme of the city of Rotterdam that works on a resilient and future-proof city. Such a city is capable to resist a crisis, to recover from it fast and to move forward stronger.


The corona crisis hit hard. We learned a lot during this crisis. Resilient Rotterdam helps to inventory and share, locally and internationally, the experiences and lessons learned. In order to become more resilient and future-proof as a city, we also utilize current transitions such as the energy transition, digitization, globalization and the new economy.


Cities that are able to respond to these transitions can seize growth opportunities. We also anticipate opportunities and risks of new developments by, among other things, remaining in dialogue with various parties such as companies, (knowledge) institutions and the Global Resilient Cities Network. Rotterdam is a delta city, therefor climate resilience will always be high on our agenda.

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Interested in sponsoring the conference? 

Sponsors of PtW:WCFS2020 will be rewarded with a high level of visibility to promote their brands, technologies, products or services to an interested, relevant and influential audience of a wide range of industry and academia leaders from across the region and beyond. All sponsors will be widely acknowledged leading up to and during the conference. Accordingly, the organizing committee would like to invite your organization to become a sponsor of PtW. Contact us now;

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