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Floating solar: Hide from storm, float for sun

Johan Bakker

Floating Solar is allmost all about floating, anchoring, covering the water with blankets of panels and still braving storms while tied up. But wheater is getting worse. With our innovative approach we designed ‘Hide and Shine floating solar’. We will brave the storm while hiding under water, filling the floating tubes with water. When the sun is back and the weather calming, the installation will be back on the water surface. The installation  has a much higher yield with sun tracking. Sun tracking leaves much more open and changing space on the water for aquatic ecology and it enables watermanagement., especially mowing of water plants. We will build a scale model and do testing this 2020 and build a full scale competitive floating installation in 2021. Let us be innovative. Floating is hiding also.

KEYWORDS: Floating, solar, hide, innovative, watermanagement


Johan Bakker worked as Director Watermanagement and Innovation at the Dutch Waterboard Rivierenland and is now designing, engineering and promoting renewable energy solutions, for example floating eco friendly hydropower with water mills. He was also like Blue21 and Technical University Delft involved in INNOZOWA. This co-creation partnership did research on more eco and water sustainable floating solar power. The knowledge of INNOZOWA was the start of engineering ‘Hide and Shine’ .

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