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Plan B "Floating Cities with Humancracy"

Ronald Sikking

Everybody has a complaint or wish over any subject in their society and over the welfare of the environment that have to be changed. A democratic society have many taboos as: too much talking, acting too late, personal ambitions and power plays. There no experts in power in government. The social-political society is always under the influence of critics and is now in need of a system change. In which way would it be possible that each person in society goes to a position which fits their abilities and capabilities?

A system that makes it impossible all which is not wanted: such as civil servants, and those in government coming into a position under influence of business, churches, criminals or bullies.


To achieve or attain a system, which has a resistance to what we do not want, consists of several dominant elements.

  1. Evaluation form Democracy into layers of democracy called the Humancracy.

  2. Principal statement of the Codex UTOPIA.

  3. Traject-hierarchy of the Humancracy

All existing societies are against big changes and will continue and defend the democracy. At the same time we are in need of land for the growing world-population for living and agriculture. These elements can be achieved by building floating cities.


Floating cities give the opportunity to create room for experimenting or testing different social organizations and their way of government to find out which is best for humans to flourish.


As a fulltime utopian I would like to explain about these subjects: Codex UTOPIA and the Humancracy. 

KEYWORDS: Codex, Traject hierarchy, Monetary, Sea containers, Host Country 

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