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Mega Floating City "Green Float"; Concept and technology

Masaki Takeuchi & Ikuo Yoshida

The world is currently facing the sea level rise due to climate change. And we are facing many sorts of problems of energy, water, food, garbage, air pollution and so on. Fortunately, however, 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with the ocean. The ocean has a tremendous capacity and a big influence on the global environment and the sustainability of human beings.  We Shimizu are heading new challenges for the better future utilizing the potential of the ocean. “Green Float” is a new model for eco friendly Mega Floating City. The Green Float concept embodies two areas of innovation. The one is “Green innovation” and the other is “Float innovation”. By integrating “Green Innovation” and “Float Innovation”, a super high value-added Mega Floating City can be realized. In order to perform a basic verification of the technology, several hydraulic float model experiments and numerical computations about wind waves and tsunamis were conducted. We got a public third party's certification concerning about “structural safety of floating building”. In addition, we continue to research and development the "City Grid System (city Cell, Module, Unit) of mega float city" based on Green Float. 

KEYWORDS: mega floating city, Green Float, zero carbon & emission



*March 1980

Graduated from Waseda University /Department of Architecture.

*April 1980  

Joined “Shimizu Corporation”.


Urban-scale project competition at Osaka branch about City

Developing and proposing new value-creating technologies

LCV (Life  Cycle Valuation), eco-BCP(Business Continuity Plan)


(Ocean City Project)

  • November 2008 

Press announcement the Maritime Future City named “GREEN FLOAT” (Project Leader)

  • November 2014 

Press announcement the Deep Sea Future City named “OCEAN SPIRAL” (Project Leader)

  • October 2015

Launched a technological-realization organization of marine future city.

As a project leader, focusing on improving technical feasibility (experiment & analysis)

  • December 2017

GREEN FLOAT Ⅱ acquired Class NK's AIP (Approval in Principal) certification

in structural safety of floating structure of super high rise building.


  • Qualified architect of the first class (architecture)

  • Redevelopment planner (city)

  • Facility manager (FM)

  • Registered real-estate Trading Director (Real Estate)

・Registered real-estate Trading Director (Real Estate)

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